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Who I work with

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My clientele includes couples and individuals, both men and women, older than 16 years of age. I am fully committed to the right and responsibility of each person to live his or her authentic life. Diversity is the rich flavor in the broth of humanity.

Most people I work with report feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life's pace and pressure. Many complain of feeling joyless and disconnected and having disturbing feelings of anxiety and abiding sadness.

Occasionally clients report troubling after-effects of traumatic events in their lives, such as a horrible accident, repeated abuse, divorce, or the death of a loved one. Sometimes just world events can trigger these distressing experiences which can include nightmares, emotional numbing and feelings of being dissociated.

In any case my role is not to label or pin a diagnosis of mental illness on anyone. Most people I work with do not meet criteria for such a diagnosis. By the same token, I am quite qualified to make an appropriate diagnosis and to refer clients to helpful resources if that is called for.

Whatever your concerns are, it is vital that you be committed to the outcome that things can change for you. This is true even if you do not know what the needed change is yet. The first goal may be for you to figure out what you want. But you need to be dedicated to that goal if you are to realize it.