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How I Work

Charles Radican  

Through my own experience, as well as from research, it is clear that the second most important factor in the success of therapy is in the rapport and collaborative relationship that you and I can establish (for the most important factor see Who I work with ...). I find that I can best facilitate this effective relationship by demonstrating my willingness and ability to be fully present with you, and to openly hear what are your goals, experiences and needs. At the same time it is essential that I be honest with you, playing no psycho-babble games, but being willing to be authentic before you.

I do not give you the answers, but I do use my training, experience and insight to help you find your own answers. To this end I have at our disposal a wide variety of methods and approaches that we can use to help you meet your goals. There are never any clear roadmaps to success, but there are global positioning systems available to help us arrive at your goal.

The journey itself, though arduous at times, can also be enjoyable and fun!